There's a huge chance that you'll run into someone famous if you head to one of these spots in Westchester County, NY.

It's always been well known that a lot of celebrities reside in New York State. They get privacy, still the glitz and glamour here and it's very easy to get to New York City when needed. Many high-profile people have lived or currently live in Westchester County and it's not hard to run into someone famous when your simply just grabbing dinner or something to drink.

A new video has gone viral of popular places in Westchester County where you can run into a celebrity.

Side note: I am heading to all of the places over the next month to test the theory.

Where can you find celebrities hanging out in Westchester County?

1) Mentor's Mediterranean on 415 King Street in Chappaqua:

Actress/Model.Singer Vanessa Williams is known to frequent the restaurant and Williams has  a home and being very connected to the Westchester County area.

Vanessa Williams Facebook/ Mentor's Mediterranean Steakhouse Instagram
Vanessa Williams Facebook/ Mentor's Mediterranean Steakhouse Instagram

I'm heading there for dinner next week....

2) NoMa Social located at 1 Radisson Plaza in New Rochelle.

Actor Kevin Dillion is reportedly known for hanging out there and it looks like they have some pretty yummy food.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

3) The Tasty Table at 21 Campwoods Road in Ossining

Actress/Singer (and former Cheetah Girl) Adrienne Houghton has been photographed there and she was spotted having a good time at the spot. Their brunch menu looks awesome by the way so that's just another reason to check them out.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

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