American may run on Dunkin', but a few customers just aren't feeling it these days. The coffee and doughnut company is facing a $5 million dollar class-action lawsuit from lactose intolerant who feel that Dunkin's upcharge for non-dairy products is discriminatory, says Yahoo.

Dunkin' in New York 

Chances are you've stopped at a Dunkin' location at some point in New York state. According to World Population Review, New York has he most Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the country. with 1,414 stores across the Empire State.

In fact, they are the most common fast food franchise in all of New York, ahead of Subway, and McDonald's.

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Plaintiffs Accuse Coffee Giant of Discriminatory Practices 

Yahoo reports that 10 Plaintiffs across the country have accused Dunkin' of charging an extra $0.50 to $2.15 for "non-dairy milk alternatives" in drinks, The plaintiffs all suffer from lactose intolerance and other milk allergies, says Business insider. 

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The suit goes on to state that Dunkin' will not charge extra to make coffee and other drinks with caffeine for those with conditions like hypertension. Dunkin' also accused by the plaintiffs of accommodating those diabetes by removing sugar, or using sugar-free alternatives, at no extra costs.

Yahoo reported that the lawsuit considers "lactose intolerance and milk allergies" as disabilities and "extra costs levied on by Dunkin' 'violates the Americans with Disabilities Act', and is "considered discrimination as a result."

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Woman Claims She Found Human Finger in Salad at Lower Hudson Valley Restaurant

The New York Post says that a Connecticut woman is suing a Chopt location in Mount Kisco, after she claims she found a human finger in her salad. The Post says the suit was filed Monday in Westchester County, claiming she found the finger in her order during a visit April 7.

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CBS says that the suit alleges that a manager at the Chopt accidentally severed a piece of their left pointer finger while chopping arugula. But while the manager was rushed to the hospital, the leftover finger was still served as some extra unwanted garnish to customers, according to the lawsuit.

Records from the Westchester County Health Department indicate that the Chopt location was fined $900 dollars.

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