If you're looking to pick up glasses to safely view the solar eclipse, you'll want to be in Poughkeepsie, New York this week.

The solar eclipse is happening on Monday, April 8. While the Hudson Valley isn't directly in the path of totality, we will still see quite a spectacular show when the moon blocks about 95% of the sun.

The last time the Hudson Valley was in the path of a solar eclipse was in August of 2017 when the sun was only partially blocked by the passing moon. Even though it didn't get especially dark, the celestial event still attracted hundreds of people to the Walkway Over the Hudson. We set up a time-lapse camera to capture the rare event and those who came out to see it.

Viewing the 2024 Eclipse in New York State

This year's eclipse is expected to attract thousands to New York State, where a total eclipse will be experienced in places like Syracuse, Lake Placid, Buffalo and Plattsburgh. Even if you're not in the path of totality, it's important not to stare directly into the sun to view the eclipse. Even a brief exposure to the concentrated light waves can cause damage to your cornea.

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How to Find Authentic Eclipse Glasses in New York

As we get closer to April 8, it's getting harder and harder to find solar eclipse glasses. The disposable eyewear allows you to safely look at the sun as the moon passes in front of it.

It's important to use only certified eclipse glasses that have the right level of protection to guard against eye damage. Knockoff glasses purchased online or from discount stores may not have adequate filtering and could result in injury. Experts say that cheap counterfeit glasses have been mass-produced in China and are flooding American marketplaces.

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A. Boris

American Paper Products advises New Yorkers to check for telltale signs that their glasses are authentic. The lenses should be reflective silver in the front and black in the back. There should also be a label certifying that the glasses meet standards for ISO 12312-2. It's also important to get glasses that are made in the United States to ensure that they are manufactured to the correct specifications.

Free Eclipse Glasses to Be Handed Out in Poughkeepsie, New York

If you still need eclipse glasses from a trusted source, you can grab a free pair this Wednesday morning in Poughkeepsie. The Boris and Robyn Show on 101.5 WPDH will be broadcasting live at the grand opening of Dunkin' on Route 9 across from Marist College from 6am to 10am.

Aside from entering listeners for a chance to win concert tickets and Dunkin' gift certificates, the Boris and Robyn Show will also be handing out complimentary solar eclipse glasses courtesy of Prime Print Shop while supplies last. It's a great opportunity to get your glasses before Monday's eclipse.

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