Environmental groups want to block the biggest landfill in the state from getting even bigger. Their grounds, according to an article at Waterfront, stand on something known as the New York state Green Amendment.

New York state's largest landfill is Seneca Meadows Inc. in Waterloo, NY. However, the landfill, which The New York Times once described as "tall as the Statue of Liberty", wants to grow even bigger. If Seneca Meadows were to expand, it would fill "a valley with enough trash to fill MetLife Stadium ten times, at least", according to The Times. 

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Now, according to Waterfront, two environmental groups, two businesses and two individuals want to prevent that. The suit alleges that "unabated landfill odors" have violated their constitutional rights to breath clean air.

Suit Filed Looks to Block New York's Largest Landfill's Expansion 

Inside Climate News says the lawsuit was filed against Seneca Meadows and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, on grounds that would stop a proposal for the landfill's expansion.

The suit, which was filed in the Albany County Supreme Court, accuses the site by claiming residents were "harmed by odors that are both extremely annoying and potentially hazardous to their health."

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Inside Climate News says that the landfill in Seneca County's permit through the NY DEC runs out in December 2025. Seneca Meadow's application for a new permit would increase the landfill's size by 47 acres, with an additional height of almost 70 feet.

According to Pace University, the Green Amendment guarantees New York residents' to "have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment." The amendment was added by a vote of the people in November, 2021, according to Pace.

This made New York the third state, after Pennsylvania and Montana, that added environmental rights to the state's constitution.

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