One Hudson Valley town is asking its residents to NOT mow their lawns until June.

There are a few things that happen around this time of year, every year in the Hudson Valley. Flowers start to bloom, trees turn green again, it gets warmer and lawns across the area begin to grow again which leads to many of us preparing to fire up our lawnmowers. If you live in the Ulster County town of New Paltz, New York, town officials are asking residents to hold off on mowing their lawns for a while as they are participating in a growing movement across the country.

Stop Mowing Your lawn in New Paltz New York

New Paltz Asks Residents to "Skip" Mowing Grass in May

Last year we told you that New Paltz was one Hudson Valley town that was participating in the National "No Mow May" movement happening in many towns across the country and according to the town's Facebook page, it appears they are back to try and do it again this year. When New Paltz announced they were participating in No Mow May last year they explained why saying that by NOT mowing in May it will help feed our pollinators and other wildlife by leaving them food in the uncut grass.


No Mow May in New Paltz, New York

During No Mow May the town will NOT enforce any of the town's "lawn laws" (no fines for uncut grass) according to residents and has begun to accept orders for No Mow May signs for their yards. A recent post on the town's Facebook page said that the town is preparing to print signs that will be available for purchase. The signs will each cost $15 this year and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Town of New Paltz/Facebook
Town of New Paltz/Facebook

If you would like to buy a sign you can call the town at 845-255-0604 x126 with your name and contact information, or you can email them at No Mow May signs can also be ordered online here.

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New Paltz is currently the only town in the Hudson Valley that has confirmed to us that they are participating in No Mow May but if your town is, please let us know through our station app above and we will include them in a future article.

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