Recently, I discovered that a city in upstate New York won most neighborly. I was surpised by the selection but also had an idea.

I asked myself what I considered to be upstate New York and wondered if others thought differently.

Have you ever asked multiple people the same question but all of the answers are different? This question can be answered by down state, upstate and central new york residents and the answers still wouldn't match.

Depending on where the person is from, currently living and travel exposure in New York state, the answer would continue to vary.

Do you think that you can correctly answer this question?

Where Does Upstate New York Start?


On WRRV's Facebook page, the question of,

"Where does upstate New York start?" was asked.

With over 79 comments and at least 9 likes, this popular question was answered by residents from all over New York state. Did everyone have the same or similar answer? no!

New York Residents Gave Their Opinion Of Where Upstate New York Begins

The following answers were collected from a poll taken on WRRV's Facebook page.

"I used to say past Dutchess and Orange because the city was so cool but now that I’m grown up, have a job, and pay taxes I’m happy with upstate being anything above Westchester! New York is doing its best to get rid of the suburbs."


"When I lived in Brooklyn, upstate started north of the Bronx. Now I’d say north of Poughkeepsie or in the Catskills"


"north of Poughkeepsie where the Metro-North Railroad‘s Hudson line ends"


"When your driving and you start to see the mountains, trees,farms that's upstate"


"Upstate starts at Westchester because you are literally going upstate and as you drive you continue to go upstate until you reach Canada."


"I think we are mid Hudson valley…but upstate…is above Catskill"


"Anything north of the Bronx"


"Above Monticello"


"Albany and above"




Personally, I feel that upstate New York is anything above Kingston, NY. 

How Can You Tell That You Have Entered Upstate New York?


As some residents can agree with one another, others cannot and that's okay. We all have different views and that's what makes this topic interesting.

The best way to truly figure out if you have reached upstate New York is understanding the difference of what surrounds yourself.

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Here Are 4 Signs You've Entered Upstate New York


As someone who has been in New York City, lower Hudson Valley, mid Hudson Valley and upstate New York, I can clearly see the difference between downstate New York and upstate New York.

If you are still wondering about your answer, spend a day in somewhere that is considered downstate such as Westchester. After that, take some time to spend in upstate New York such as Syracuse or Rochester. I would be curious to see what differences you spot.

1) The Winters Have Harsh Weather Conditions

The more south that you travel, the warmer the conditions. As we live in the Hudson Valley, for the most part, New York City has warmer temperatures for several reasons.

The more north that you go, the cooler the weather. Have you spent a winter in Rochester, Syracuse, Oswego or Buffalo? Those interested can compare that to a day in the lower Hudson Valley and see the comparisons and differences. Downstate New York has more mild temperatures and less significant snowfalls.

2) The Majority Of Colleges Around Are SUNY Institutions

Which SUNY school did you go to? If you went to upstate New York for college, I would be curious as to which SUNY school you attended.

Some upstate New York SUNY colleges are Albany, Potsdam, Brockport, Oneonta, Oswego, Cortland, Plattsburgh, Cobleskill and more.

3) There's A Stewarts In Every Town

It seems that each town has their own local convenience and gas station/store. However, the more north that you travel, the more Stewart's Shops that you will find.

In the Hudson Valley, there are quite a few Stewart's Shops but you cannot find them in every town as compared to upstate New York.

You could be driving for miles, seeing nothing but farmland but spot Stewarts in the distance and know that you found civilization at last.

4) The People Are Nicer

From personal experience, the more north that you travel, the nicer people are.

At times, New Yorkers can get a bad rap for being rude, mean, impatient and overall, overbearing. Those that visit New York City from another state may not fully understand the hustle and bustle and the mindset of a New Yorker. 

However, the further north that you go, you'll realize that residents may be more laid back, have less to stress about and spend their time enjoying simple pleasures.

Personally, I like the best of both worlds.

What are some signs that you can tell that you've entered into upstate New York? Share with us below and happy traveling!

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