We love to hear about local businesses opening their doors to the Hudson Valley, and we especially love it when it has to do with chocolate - are you with me?

Hopewell Junction is now home to a new chocolate shop and candy store, and they are receiving great reaction and positive reviews from locals who have already visited the location!

Tempered Chocolates Now Open on Rt. 376 Hopewell Junction

Just in time for a holiday that tends to revolve around candy and chocolates, Hopewell Junction is now home to a candy shop called Tempered Chocolates.

Tempered Chocolates is located at 415 Rt. 376 in Hopewell Junction, in the CVS plaza that sits on the corner of 376 and Rt. 82.  Just in time for Easter celebrations, Tempered held their soft opening the first week of April, and left many Hudson Valley'ers hungry for more treats!

What Can You Find At Tempered Chocolates?

According to information posted on their new social media accounts, Tempered Chocolates will be offering milk, dark, white, ruby and caramel gold chocolate, and most of their chocolates are made in the store.

Tempered Chocolate: Facebook
Tempered Chocolate: Facebook

They have an entire nut free section of different chocolate offerings. Display cases are full of barks, various types of chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, bonbons, candies, lollipops and more. There's some goodies and gifts too, even those not made out of chocolate.

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What's In A Name? What Does Tempering Mean When It Comes To Chocolate?

Your average candy-consumer may not know that tempering is actually something that happens to chocolate to help it not only taste better, but look good too.  As explained in a recent Instagram post teasing the opening of the Hopewell chocolate shop, Tempered shared the following about the process:

Who knew the Hudson Valley could get even sweeter? Welcome Tempered Chocolates to Hopewell Junction!

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