Middletown, New York, and the Town of Wallkill are all buzzing this week over an upcoming meeting of the Town of Wallkill Planning Board.

It appears that at the next meeting, they will be introducing something that will lead to the discontinuation of the Orange County Fair Speedway.

According to everyone who is watching this and circling the wagons on social media, there will be a meeting on July 25th regarding this matter.

Notices Regarding Meeting for Orange County Fair Speedway

I was able to find two different notices on file with the Town of Wallkill on their official website Townofwaillkill.com. One notice is for changing the noise ordinance at the Orange County Fair Grounds the other is for Public Gatherings ie: Assemblies or Mass Public gatherings.

Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook
Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook

It is my understanding from what I read that they are trying to pass a new law or amend an old one that would take away some of the privileges/exemptions that the Orange County Fairgrounds and Speedway have had in place for decades.

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The problem with the notices I found is they seem to talk about a meeting that would have already taken place.

According to what is being shared on social media, the meeting is scheduled for July 25, 2024, at the Town of Wallkill Town Hall at 99 Tower Drive at 7:25 PM.

Orange County Fair Speedway Fans Want to Go to the Meeting

People are asking for Orange County Raceway Fans to show up to that meeting to have their voices heard to save the Speedway. Many have suggested that if you are not a resident of the Town of Wallkill, the meeting isn't for you.

Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook 1
Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook 1

The Orange County Speedway has no regular racing schedule this season. Instead, they have opted for a few specialty races.

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The fairgrounds have however planned to have the Fair which starts next week. They have also been home to the Burnout Nationals a few times this year. These types of events would also apparently be discontinued if these changes are made after the meeting.

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I will share updates as I can uncover them. It is no secret that the Orange County Fair Grounds and Speedway have been rumored to be closing and being sold for a few years now.

Some want the speedway preserved for its 100-plus-year history. Either way, new legislation could play a part in how it all turns out.

The Arena at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Middletown, New York

Inside Arena Concert Venue at Orange County Fairgrounds

Most of us are used to seeing concerts at the Orange County Fair Grounds outside on the track but did you know they have a great indoor space as well? I was just there for Scotty McCreery's Same Truck Tour so I thought I would snap a few pictures so you can check the place out.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Brandon Walters' Crash at OCFS

Brandon Walters was lucky to not be seriously hurt Saturday night when his race car wreck at the Orange County Fair Speedway. It was a rare sight to see a car tumble three times and then end up outside the track after going over and through a fence while getting tangled up in the telephone and electric wires but fortunately everyone including Brandon walked away.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn