If you were anywhere near Sullivan County on Sunday and thought you saw a 737 coming in low toward the Sullivan County International Airport your eyes weren't deceiving you. It is official, a 737 landed at the airport on Sunday.

The Sullivan County International Airport (MSV) has been undergoing transformations and improvements to make this type of thing happen on a more regular basis. Last September the news was shared that the airport would be the recipient of a grant that was part of a New York State $230 Million dollar project in which 9 airports would receive money to make improvements and encourage growth.

737 Lands for First Time at Sullivan County International Airport

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Sullivan County Airport's share of the $230 Million was $18.5 Million which has been earmarked for various improvements some of which have already gotten underway since the award in September of 2022. That is the reason that this past Sunday a Boeing 737 was able to land at the airport and then hours later take off again for Westchester.

According to a social media post shared by Sulivan County, NY Government, This Boeing 737 was the first to land at the airport and had actually originated from Miami Florida with business people aboard on a business trip. So before you start heading to your favorite travel site to book your next flight out of Sullivan county you should know that this was not a commercial flight. Those types of flights have not been scheduled yet, however, they will be hopefully in the near future.

At this time, there is no scheduled passenger service out of the Airport, nor is there a plan to offer such. This was a business jet on a business trip, but its presence demonstrates the ability of the Airport to handle larger jets. (via Sullivan County, NY Government Facebook)


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