Maybe it is the weird winter we are having. The weather has been a bit predictable and gray. But why is it that everyone seems to be lacking enthusiasm? It feels like people are hibernating. Or maybe being a bit forgetful making room for Uber Eats.

The Super Bowl is this weekend and I haven't even planned snacks for the games. Normally, by this time, I have done some shopping, I have a tentative idea of what I am making for the game and I am just down to a few details.

What is the Super Bowl Flu

This year it feels like a lot of people aren't going to parties. I think many people have stay-at-home plans. If you have to work on Monday it can be hard to be out too late. Party out or not many folks will have what people are calling the Super Bowl Flu on Monday. According to USA Today more than 18 million people plan to miss work after the game.

Game day football party table with beer, chips and salsa.
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Some people I have talked to aren't into the game because their team didn't make it. Others I spoke with could care less that Taylor Swift will be there to support her boyfriend. I on the other hand am watching that as closely as I will be watching the commercials.

What is the Best Super Bowl Ad for 2024

I love the Super Bowl Ads. I usually have my favorites picked out ahead of time because I watch them all online before the game. Then of course I watch them during the game and make comments about them driving whoever is watching with me nuts. BTWs this one so far has got my top vote.

Uber Eats has the Best Super Bowl Ad

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