New York State diners are staples within the state. Residents within New York State are spoiled by the diner culture that we have in our state and may experience this when traveling.

Diners have something for anyone and everyone. This could be someone who wants to eat breakfast at all hours of the day, a night owl who needs their late night munchies fulfilled or those who enjoy a simple grilled cheese sandwich and friends.

The locally owned diners that we support are usually go-to when we are in the mood for comfort food, a delicious dessert and anything in between.

ILOVENY shared a list of the best diners in New York State. Do you recognize any of these eateries in the Hudson Valley?

2 Fan Favorite Diners Make List Of Best In New York State


ILOVENY put together a list of "25 of the Best Diners in New York State".

I eagerly scrolled through this list to see if any of my favorite diners in New York State made this list. I was also excited to learn about Hudson Valley diners that were featured by ILOVENY.

1.) Roscoe Diner in Roscoe (Catskills, NY

I've been to the Roscoe Diner a few times. This popular Catskills diner celebrated 50 years of business from 1969 to 2019 and continues to serve the community.

The Roscoe Diner is more than just a diner within New York State. Those who spend time in the Catskills know that this eatery is a place where trout fishers also swing by. They provide a Roscoe Fishing Report on their website along with information on those who take a bus trip to their diner.

Guests can also take a look at their Roscoe Diner Webcam from their website and use their Tesla charging stations on site.

The "World Famous" Roscoe Diner is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Additional information about the Roscoe Diner and their menu can be found on their website.

2.) Phoenicia Diner, Phoenicia (Catskills), NY

The Phoenicia Diner was built in the 1960's and later moved to the Catskills area in the 1980's. They take pride in serving locals along with visitors who also adore the natural beauty that surrounds Phoenicia, NY.

This diner has been a staple within the Ulster County, NY community and continues to serve the community.

Their food and ingredients are fresh and come from Hudson Valley farms. The Phoenicia Diner's menu has traditional favorites along with modern options too. 

The Phoenicia Diner cookbook is also available for those who enjoy their food. They also host events at this diner for special occasions.

Additional information about the Phoenicia Diner and their menu can be found on their website.

What Other Hudson Valley Diners Were Featured In The Best Within New York State?


Our fan favorite diners in New York State provide that home-town, cozy and friendly feel to them. 

Along with the Phoenicia Diner and Roscoe Diner, Dan's Diner in Chatham, NY was also featured. The Eveready Diner in Brewster and Hyde Park along with West Taghkanic Diner in Ancram, NY were on the list made by ILOVENY of the best diners within New York State.

Which diner(s) would you add to this list? Were any of your favorites already on here? Tell us more below.

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