Is there a restaurant in the Hudson Valley that makes French Fries so yummy that you dream about them and cannot wait to try them again? There is a restaurant in Maine that caused a riotous uproar with all of their customers because they changed the way they make their fries.

The restaurant is Bolley's Famous Franks and the new owners changed their fries from a crinkle cut to a straight cut. Why did they change? They make (& cut) their fries in-house. The cutter for the crinkle cut fries would get dull quickly and have to be replaced monthly. The straight cut fries did not dull the cutters as quickly and thus they were able to save money by switching to the straight cut fries. Customers wanted no part of it.

Where can you get the best French Fries in the Hudson Valley?

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There are places that people always recommend, McDonalds, Wendy's, the Diner, and even the fair when it comes to town, those very large dog bowl serving dishes with Fries in them. But are those really the best? 

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Is there a secret to getting great French Fries?

Photo by Armando Ascorve Morales on Unsplash
Photo by Armando Ascorve Morales on Unsplash

For me, I always ask to have them well done. Doesn't matter to me which kind of fries that they are, crinkle, shoestring, or steak fries, I just like them hot and a touch crispy. For me that means, I have to ask for them to be well done. Most places don't even bat an eye when I ask.

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So, where do you get the best fries in the Hudson Valley? What would you do if that favorite restaurant of yours suddenly changed how they made them with out warning? Would you boycott? Would you riot or would you just give them a shot?

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