Beacon, NY is the home to many local businesses.

Did you know that a Hudson Valley bar is named after Beacon, NY’s original name?

They are known for being a space where "craft beer enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs, and food fanatics' come together."

According to Melzingah Tap House in Beacon, NY, they bring "modern American fare" to the Hudson Valley and have craft beer on tap. From personal experience, their appetizers and cocktails enhance any experience.

Were Melzingahs owners and Beacon, NY residents aware of its symbolic name within the community? With deep historical roots to the area and monuments, this popular business's name has been around before it opened.

Recently, Beacon, NY has been a hotspot for new eateries.

What New Businesses Have Opened In Beacon, NY In 2024?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

The Hudson Valley Food Hall is located on Main Street in Beacon, NY. They are a popular spot for local foodies who enjoy having multiple options.

Hudson Valley Food Hall shared they have,

"a variety of cuisines from all over the world. "

Under one roof, guests can give their taste buds a treat with different food options. Hudson Valley Food Hall shared their food options in Beacon, NY.

They currently have El Nica Nicaraguan/Latin, Miz Hattie's Southern BBQ and Dulce Cielo MX  inside of the Hudson Valley Food Hall. The Roosevelt Bar along with Tara Fusion Cuisine are also located inside of Hudson Valley Food Hall.

Recently, a new eatery opened at the Hudson Valley Food Hall in Beacon, NY.

Foodies can now visit Moreish to welcome them to the community and indulge in their British food.

Moreish explained that their mission is to bring not only comforting but also classic British food to the Hudson Valley area. Guests can plan to experience their snacks, dishes, and more.

Along with Moreish, a creamery will soon be joining the food family at the Hudson Valley Food Hall as well.

On Instagram and the Hudson Valley Food Hall's website, the news was shared about Five Pennies Creamery joining the space in Beacon, NY.

Five Pennies Creamery enjoys serving their customers New York ice cream options. This business explained that the Five Pennies Creamery name came from a popular movie, The Five Pennies.

Five Pennies Creamery served the Rockville Centre area in NY but closed their doors in December 2022. Five Pennies Creamery explained that this business is named after The Five Pennies movie. For more than a decade, this creamery served the Rockville Centre area in NY but in Spring 2024, they will open at the Hudson Valley Food Hall.

Along with Moreish and Five Pennies Creamery, a new Turkish eatery has also opened in Beacon, NY.

What New Business Took Over Blend In Beacon, NY?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar was previously located at 135 Main Street in Beacon, NY. Blend has multiple locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

In the previous location where Blend was located in Beacon, NY a new business has taken over the spot with a different spin.

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Beacon, NY Welcomes New "Yummy" Turkish Eatery

Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen
Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen

Nilufer's Home Kitchen has opened at 135 Main Street in Beacon, NY. Foodies can now enjoy Turkish inspired food and drinks.

On social media, Nilufer’s Home Kitchen shared pictures of what they have been serving on site.

Some of the many options available at Nilfuer's Home Kitchen range from roasted eggplant, baklava, cheesecake, tahini pastries and more.

I saw that this new eatery also has Turkish tea and coffee which sparks my interest. While visitors explore the options at Nilufer's Home Kitchen, they can also view handmade art that is also on site.

They also have vegan options available as well.

When Can Foodies Visit Nilufer's Home Kitchen In Beacon, NY?

Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen
Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen

Nilufer’s Home Kitchen also shared that they are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am until 5pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nilufer’s Home Kitchen is open 8am until 5pm.

They are closed on Mondays.

How Did Social Media Users React To This New Business Opening In Beacon, NY?

Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen
Canva, Instagram, nilufershomekitchen

On social media, Nilufer's Home Kitchen has been updating residents on all of their news. On February 5, 2024, they shared that they would be opening soon. By Feburary 25, 2024, Nilufer's Home Kitchen was thanking customers for their service and inviting more peoplet to stop by.

Social media users shared words of encouragement and reviews of satisfaction from before the journey until current day.

They shared,

"Love seeing this dream come to fruition! Congrats Nilufer!"


"So beautiful "


"So yummy!!!"


"Thank you for having a vegan option. ❤️"


"OMG my favorite "


"I need to come visit. I had Turkish coffee once. Many years ago. I’ve dreamed of having it again."

It'll be enjoyable to watch Nilfuer's Home Kitchen expand and succeed on Main Street along with Moreish and Five Pennies Creamery.

What new business are excited to visit in the Hudson Valley? Share more with us below.


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