Some could say that the Big Apple, New York City is the greatest city in the world. Home to the New York Yankees and Wall Street, natives claim there's nothing like the Concrete Jungle. Not only does history surround us within the Hudson Valley but all throughout New York State.

History buffs may wonder how glaciers from over 10,000 years ago can relate to the Black Dirt Region's soil in Pine Island, NY.

The Pine Island, NY Chamber of Commerce shared information.

"This unique valley formed from the decay of plants and the remains of a great shallow swamp as a result of glaciers melting away over 10,000 years ago."

Today, this historic region is still home to hundreds of small and large farm lands. These local farms provide markets, stands and even supermarkets.

While the Black Dirt Region in Pine Island, NY is known for its interesting smell and history behind glaciers, another part of the Hudson Valley has another great story to share.

Is This Actually Where The Catskills Got Its Name?


The question remains of where the Catskills got its name from. Some believe that the Catskills name originates from a local creek and waterfall.

However, there's also the speculation of the Catskills getting its name from cats such as mountain lions and bobcats who once roamed the area more frequently then they do now.

The Emerson Resort and Spa shared,

"Some believe the name “Catskills” was derived from these majestic animals who populated the region until the early 1900’s".

Additional information about how the Catskills got its name can be found on 94.3 Lite FM.

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You'd Never Guess New York State's Original Name

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The New York Times shared information about what New York looked like when colonists arrived. They explained,

"Times Square was a forest with a beaver pond. "

The New York Times mentioned that the Lenape lived in Manhattan for centuries and referred to it as Mannahatta. They continued to share that the Lenape referred to Governors Island as Nut Island or even Pagganck.

Was Mannahatta Really New York State's Original Name?


Carlyle Property Management Group explained that Manhattan was written as Manna-hata on the Half Moon which was Henry Hudson's ship.

They also shared that this word, Manna hata, did derive from the Lenape.

While it's unclear if we will ever know the exact truth of New York State's original name, Carlyle Property Management Group claims that

"The English took Manhattan. They wrested the land from the Dutch in 1674—at least for the century until independence."

Could New Amsterdam Be The Original Name Of New York State?

Purchasing Manhattan
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loading... shared additional information about New York State and its original name of how Manhattan Island was known as New Amsterdam.

"To legitimatize Dutch claims to New Amsterdam, Dutch governor Peter Minuit formally purchased Manhattan from the local tribe from which it derives it name in 1626."

What do you think? Was New York State's original name New Amsterdamn or Mannahata? Tell us more about it.

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