Recently, I saw a tree frog and thought to myself that it was early for its return.

I became interested in the idea of researching the return of frogs to the Hudson Valley.I later saw a toad after a rainstorm and was delighted to notice a second amphibian so early in the season.

After research, I came across helpful information from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation about my original question.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is also known as the NYS DEC.

What Does The NYS DEC Do?

The NYS DEC has an important mission to help,

"conserve, improve and protect New York's natural resources and environment and to prevent, abate and control water, land and air pollution, in order to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state and their overall economic and social well-being."

They shared that due to recent conditions related to the weather, the "breeding migrations of vernal pool amphibians" will arrive earlier this year. 

The NYS DEC Announced That There Will Be An Early Arrival Of These Creatures

In March 2024, the NYS DEC made an announcement about how the mild weather will bring an early start to the return of some of our outdoors friends. We can plan on seeing salamanders and frogs earlier this year in the Hudson Valley

The NYS DEC explained that during the late winter months and early springtime, frogs, salamanders and more amphibians come out from their shelters in forest areas to migrate. By doing so, they head towards vernal pools to start the breeding process.

The NYS DEC shared

"Vernal pools are small, temporary wetlands that are critical breeding habitat for these amphibians."

Why Will New York State Residents See Amphibians Earlier This Year?

The NYS DEC mentioned that the weather played a role in the early migration of these amphibians including rainfall, a mild winter and warmer days.

They also mentioned,

"Recent rainfall triggered one of the earliest migrations DEC has observed since the AM&RC project started in 2009."

The NYS DEC has concerns about these amphibians and their safety when they migrate from forest properties and into other areas.

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What's The NYS DEC Commissioner's Recommendation For Helping Amphibians?


There are volunteers with the NYS DEC that have been ready to help these amphibians while crossing the road during the migration season.

The NYS DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos has advice for all New York State residents.

"I encourage all New Yorkers and visitors traveling the state's roads to be on the lookout for these vulnerable amphibians and the dedicated volunteers keeping them safe."

There are over 1,000 volunteers involved in the remarkable mission of The Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project. Their mission is to raise awareness about amphibians along with collecting information about their migration and more assistance to their well being.

How Can Residents Assist Amphibians In New York State?

The NYS DEC made recommendations for volunteers who are assisting amphibians in New York State.

They included that those who volunteer are recommended to wear reflective vests for safety and headlamps. It's also important to handle salamanders and frogs with clean hands.

Additional information from the NYS DEC and how residents can offer help can be found on their website.

Congratulations to The Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project who have successfully moved over 40,000 toads, frogs and salamanders safely across many roads.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our little friends all throughout New York State and do your part to make a change in the world!

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