November 6, 2015. The date that James Bond fans are waiting for, the release of the latest installment of the franchise, "Spectre". Regal Cinemas knows that this movie coming out is a 'big deal' for Bond fans, so they are changing up how they pre-sell tickets to it.

Regal is selling the equivalent of the "Golden Ticket" for 007 fans.  It is called the 'Spectre Ultimate Ticket", it costs $100, but it will allow you to go see the movie at Regal, in any of its formats including IMAX, each day the movie is in theaters from November 6, 2015 to June 6, 2016.

Want to get one? Then act fast. They are only selling 1000 of them and allegedly they are down to the last few.  Click the photo below for more information:

Regal Cinemas
Regal Cinemas