If it seems like $48,000 is an extreme amount of money for a tow... well, it is.

But that's the bill faced by one man in Massachusetts, who has found himself on the wrong side of the tow truck after a little too much fun going off roading.

His insurance company won't help him pay, and to add insult to injury, he's been arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace. Good times! In his own words:

"When I went to pick up the vehicle from Assured Collision, he'd informed me there was some damage done to the vehicle, but didn't get into details. He also informed me the bill was $48,000," Ramer told Fox. "I thought they made a mistake." The phrase 'some damage' was putting it lightly. Ramer says Assured Collision totaled his Jeep. "Frame is broken, leaf spring is broken, drive shaft is broken," Ramer said.

Here's the whole story: