Comedy is something that evolves slowly overtime. We're finding out that jokes that many found to be funny a decade or two ago may not be as funny today. The same could also be said about the performers who tell those jokes. Some comedians lose their edge, timing or even their relevancy.

That can't be said about Jim Breuer. Breuer has been able to keep the laughs going for decades now and has always managed to keep his jokes and acts fresh.

Jim Breuer first started making America laugh as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 1998. You might remember some of his notable impressions and characters during his 4 seasons on the show including Joe Pesci, Ric Flair, Rupert Murdock and of course Goat Boy.

After SNL Breuer went on to appear in the film, Half Baked which has become a cult classic. One thing that has been consistent with Jim Breuer's career has been his stand up comedy. He has been hitting the stage for years and still remains to be a favorite among comedy fans and other comedians.

Jim Breuer is no stranger to the Hudson Valley. He's performed at The Chance Theater several times and was even seen with Joe Rogan wearing their T-shirt.


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Jim Breuer will be back in the Hudson Valley in just a couple of months. He's doing a show at the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center in Chester, New York in August.

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