I didn't have Jim Carrey visiting Upstate New York on my Bingo board. The star was almost unrecognizable as he stopped at a virtually unknown healing spot.

If you were to list your top 5 favorite comedy movies of all time there is a good chance that Jim Carrey is in one of them or quite possibly almost all of them.

Jim Carrey starred in some of the most popular movies for nearly 30 years. The titan of comedy films has been pretty quiet lately. What has been up to? It looks like he thoroughly enjoys relaxing these days but he still can't escape the spotlight.

In recent years people have been more open to alternative forms of healing.

Jim Carrey spotted in Old Forge, New York at a sound therapy spot.

It turns out that Jim Carrey stopped by Sound Healing Adirondacks. A picture with Carrey was posted on their social media pages. How could one not be stars truck by him? We was a major part of many of our childhoods.

What is sound healing? According to their website, sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing. It lets the power of sounds restore your body and mind.​ The experience from the soundwaves can promote healing and well-being.

We had to do a double take as the star was almost unrecognizable in a picture shared on Instagram.

Carrey is leaving there with a smile so we can only assume he had a good experience. The business is almost unknown as it only has one review on Google but it is at least a five star rating.

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Gallery Credit: Nick Kessler