Over the past year, you have heard about a lot of people who have decided to change their jobs. Some have had to look for a job because the one they had ended with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Others have decided that they wish they were doing something different.

I am someone who has held various jobs throughout my adult life. I am in radio now but over the years I have been in retail, catering, property maintenance even animal caregiver. One of my favorite jobs was around 10 years ago when I took a seasonal job at Headless Horseman as a storyteller.

If you are thinking of a career change and you are a fan of the outdoors you may want to check into what the Mohonk Preserve is offering for employment. The Preserve has recently posted two jobs that they are looking to fill. They are looking for a Media Associate and a Community Science Coordinator. Both are full-time positions.

Mohonk Preserve could be a great place to start your working career or even wrap up a lifetime of work. Located in New Paltz the Mohonk Preserve's mission is to protect the Shawangunk Region and to inspire people to care for, enjoy and explore their natural world.

The Mohonk Preserve regularly runs programs for the community and for people who visit the area. Employment at the preserve would get you access to one of the most beautiful places in the Hudson Valley. It also would mean that you would have one of the most beautiful offices in the Hudson Valley. If I worked there I would never work remotely.

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