A flea market is being held this weekend at Roy C. Ketcham High School to support the senior class.

Maybe I've watched too much Pawn Stars or American Pickers on the History Channel because I sure do love a good flea market or antique store. I've certainly missed going in the past year.

It's so much fun to stroll through tables upon tables of treasures. You'd think that after a year of unpredictability that I wouldn't enjoy heading into the unknown but the possibilities you could find at a flea market are almost endless.

I'm a collector and there are many out there in the Hudson Valley just like me. I scour the Hudson Valley and beyond for books but not just any books, comic books.

Yard sales and antique stores are great places to find them but nothing beats a

A flea market is the perfect place to find them along with so many other things like clothes, vinyl records, art, video games, toys and all kinds of vintage and even modern items. Craft vendors and food trucks will be in attendance as well.

Roy C. Ketcham High School is hosting their first ever flea market and they need your support. The event is on Sunday, May 16 from 8am to 3pm at Roy C. Ketcham High school located at 99 Myers Corners Road in Wappingers Falls.

If you happen to see some old comic books then do me a favor and keep walking. Let me take a look first.

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