We all love the Colonel but his name isn't exactly finger lickin' good.

If you're a future parent, there must be a million things running through your mind. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Will my baby be healthy? As you get closer and closer to the due date I'm sure child's name must come to be a priority.

If you are in need of either a baby name or some money KFC may be able to hook you up with both.

According to Takeout.com, KFC is running a new promotion in honor of its founder, Harland Sanders' birthday. If your child is going to share a birthday with the Colonel on September 9 and you name your kid Harland you could be eligible to win $11,000.00.

Before you get all excited just know that even if you name your kid after the famous Colonel you still only have a chance to win that money.

It certainly would be a nice start to the kid's college fund.

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