If there's anything we've learned over the past few years, it's that a little kindness can go a long way.  We've highlighted acts of kindness, big and small, over the past few years, and now, we've got some information to share about a local school teacher who is doing her part to spread kindness, one rock at a time, in the Hudson Valley.

845 Rocks Initiative Spreads Kindness, Joy & Happiness Across The Hudson Valley

Elyse, a local school teacher in the Spackenkill School District in Poughkeepsie, is helping to bring a little kindness to the Hudson Valley in the form of an initiative that you may have seen over the past several years.

'845 Rocks,' which are kindness rocks meant to create joy, inspire, bring happiness, and to spread sunshine.  They are exactly what you think they are, painted rocks that show positive messages, words of wisdom, pictures, etc.

Facebook: 845 Rocks
Facebook: 845 Rocks

Elyse came across a group while traveling through Wartloo, NY, called '315 Rocks' and wanted to bring the initiative here to the Hudson Valley, so she's looking for people to help create rocks to place around the area.

Here's How You, Or Your Kids, Can Create Your Own Kindness Rocks

The idea is simple, find a rock (not too big, or small, think a palm-sized rock) and decorate it with a fun design, song lyrics, a kind message, or an inspirational quote. You can include your initials and the date the rock was 'hidden' in the Hudson Valley as well.  On the back side of the rock, write the following:

  • Post to Facebook
  • 845 Rocks

Then, place the rock somewhere in the 845 for someone else to find.  Hopefully, when someone finds it, they'll post it to the 845 Rocks group on Facebook and you'll be able to track your rock's journey.

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Facebook: 845 Rocks
Facebook: 845 Rocks

If you happen to find a rock here in the area, you have the option of keeping it, or passing it along.  The important thing to remember is to post a picture of the rock in the 845 Rocks group, along with the location where it was found so others can follow along in the group. You can check out some of the current kindness rocks efforts in the 845 area here.

You may remember a local Girl Scout spreading some kindness rocks at a local playground, Julie's Jungle, recently.  You can take a look at her rocks that were on display here.

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