If you're here there is a chance you've rage quit over not finding the bailiff in Rayatt. So far there have been two Rattay missions that require talking to the Bailiff. But when we go to the marker, he's no where to be found.

Most gamers at least figure out that since altitude is not shown on the map that if you walk through a marker, chances are it's above or below you. I attempted to enter what was called the Rathause building but all doors leading upstairs are locked. In this video I show you the actual in game conditions I was experiencing when I found the bailiff.

After searching the internet I found many other gamers were having the same problem. Most forum posts think this may be a glitch which should be patched immediately. I can't assume that's the problem since this game is throwing things at me I'm not used to. Whether it's a glitch or not, I did find him. If this game expects us to memorize or discover each NPC's schedule, it's an unnecessary challenge that does not make me enjoy the game any more.

Keep playing and don't forget to practice your archery and combat!