Before I even got to the opening title sequence my character "Henry" starting complaining about being hungry. It took me some time to figure out how to keep myself fed especially without any hunting ability or any money to buy food.

Stealing is obviously an option if that's how you want to play but I'm trying to maintain a positive relationship with each town and hopefully that will pay off later in the game when I need things. In this video I show you where to get free food every day and it not as hard as you think. Most of the answers are staring us right in the face but we hesitate.

It was a few days of playing KCD before I started relying on this method. While Hunting is an option and I've never had any issues with killing rabbits and cooking the meat but Poaching is technically illegal. So this is a method to get food without any hunting skills or having any money. If you are having trouble with this game just remember it's a huge world and it get's a little glitchy from time to time. I'm putting my faith in the developers to fix these because I want to enjoy everything this open world game has to offer. I do experience crashes and unnecessary long load screens when presented with dialogue, fingers crossed it doesn't stay that way.