On Friday, February 16, the Youth Asks! event will be held in The Millard Building at 506-518 Broadway in Midtown Kingston. This event is an opportunity for Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley to openly engage with High School Students about health related questions.

There will be FREE food & refreshments accompanied by live music. Plenty of planned parenthood related products will also be made available for all guests such as prophylactics and the like. They are also offering FREE and confidential HIV testing. While this may not feel as urgent as it did many years ago it's still important for everyone especially teens and young adults to not forget to get tested. It's always better to know for sure than just go on with life assuming.

The Youth Asks! event will start at 2:15PM and go until 5:30PM. The Millard Building is on Broadway in Kingston across from the YMCA. For more information you can Alexandra Julson at 845 264-0778.