No, that is not a massive marijuana farm on Noxon Road in Lagrange: it's hemp. While some favor the farm, others have complained about the pungent odor and potential impact on property values.

Posts in a local Facebook group over the weekend described how the odor emanating from the farm have affected their health and quality of life. However, advocates of the farm claim it's only temporary and they'd rather have active farmland in the neighborhood than more home development.

A representative of the farm attempted to explain the situation on a community Facebook page Friday, "we are currently in the midst of harvest. We are growing feminized seeds, producing buds that are predominantly CBD. Our purpose in doing so is to raise awareness of the benefits of CBD usage."

At a time when much farmland is being redeveloped as residential or commercial property in the area, hemp offers local farmers a way to potentially save their farms. This is due to the fact that a farmer can make much more money per acre growing hemp than corn, kale or tomatoes. The CBDs that are extracted from the hemp are valued much higher than traditional crops. The main difference between hemp and marijuana plants is the lack of THC. A farm bill was signed into law last December that removed hemp from the governments' controlled drug category which opened the door for farms to plant last spring.

There are strains of hemp that produce a less pungent odor and farm organizers are reportedly considering planting those for next year. The issue is expected to be discussed at the next Lagrange Town Board Meeting which meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

Where do you stand on Hudson Valley hemp?

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