There's a place in the Lower Hudson Valley that is selling a pizza slice that is taller than a toddler.

In New York State we often argue about where is the best place to get a slice of pizza. You can debate that but when it comes to finding the biggest slice in New York there's no question. It turns out the biggest pizza slice can be ordered in the lower Hudson Valley region. The mega slice isn't just the biggest in the state it is reportedly the biggest in the world that is sold regularly. It's not just the biggest it has even been called some of the best pizza around and has even gotten the restaurant featured on Food Network and the Travel Channel. They have a nearly 5 star rating from over 2,000 reviews on Google.

It's about 2ft in length and people from all over the world have stopped by the pizza restaurant to try to eat it in record time. It's called the Super Slice and you can order this delicious looking monster at the Pizza Barn located at 471 Central Park Ave Yonkers, New York.

Are you going to go try to get a slice and finish it?

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