Conservatives in New York State are treated like some rare unicorn but last night showed that supporters for the GOP make up close to 50% of the voting population. The election is over and we found out that there are a lot of Republican voters here in New York.

Last night was a critical political night for the entire nation but that was especially true here in New York State. I don't think this would shock you but as an outsider I can tell you that New York has a reputation of being a liberal haven. The results from last night's election showed that may be true in some areas but certainly cannot be said for the entire state.

A Republican in New York? Where are they? The numbers show that New York is actually pretty red.

Associated Press 2,687,770 votes. The last gubernatorial Republican candidate, Marc Molinaro received just over 36% of the votes in 2018.

There is no indication that New York s going to flip red anytime soon but with almost half of the voting population leaning conservative it may be time to focus on more bipartisan solutions.

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