Laura Jane Grace is sharing her transformation. It is a part of a new series that you can see online. Here is the info on this unique time in her life. Laura Jane Grace says making her new AOL Originals series "True Trans" would have been an amazing experience even if no one ever saw the footage.  The Against Me lead singer  tells "Elle" magazine it meant so much to be able to talk to such a wide variety of transgender people.  LJG says it was important that the series dispel any myths that those who identify as transgender are exactly the same.  So she talked to as many people as possible, including those who transitioned decades ago, and others like herself who began their transition in the last few years.  "True Trans" follows LJG as she travels around the country having these conversations and playing with her band.  The first four episodes of the series will be available at on Friday, National Coming Out Day is October 11, 2014.