Legoland New York has closed for the season but the Legoland Hotel is still booking for the winter months. You can sign up for information on the 2022 season now and you can also take part in Lego Replay.

Legos were one of my favorite toys as a kid. I didn't particularly care for accidentally stepping on one, but other than that they were the one toy that kept me busy for hours. I was also a big jigsaw puzzle kid. I guess I just like putting things together.

I sometimes credit Legos for being the reason as an adult I am not afraid to take something apart, even when I don't have the instructions to put it back together. I will admit, assembling Legos is probably easier than putting a bike back together. But because of Legos, I had the confidence that I could at least try it when my favorite bike needed some work.

The only complaint I might have about legos is that once you put them together a few times then what? I was never the kid who wanted to keep the Legos I put together on a shelf after I built them. Maybe if I had ever built one of the collectible ones like the Death Star from Star Wars, I would have kept it assembled. But I usually took mine apart quickly after building whatever they made which is why I also was always losing pieces. I eventually found them by stepping on them in my bare feet.

Lego has introduced a new program called Lego Replay which I think is perfect for kids who are like me with their Legos. The idea is that you can ship back your old bricks to be refurbished and given to children in need.

LEGO Replay is a simple-to-use platform that allows you to pass forward your much-loved LEGO bricks and share the power of play with kids in need. When children play with your donated LEGO bricks, it helps them learn to problem solve, collaborate, and think creatively. With LEGO Replay, worlds of play can be rebuilt and reimagined many times over helping to inspire the builders of tomorrow. via


Not only is this a great program to help kids get their hands on Legos, but it is also a great way to recycle your gently used legos. If your kids have a bunch of old Legos they don't play with any longer consider putting them in a box and sending them to Lego RepLay.

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