For the past few weeks we've been doing some fun '90's related Q&A around lunchtime with '90's at Noon trivia.  We've hooked people up with WRRV t-shirts, gift certificates for lunch, and even concert tickets.  Next week we are going to step up our game a little and structure trivia a little differently with a theme for each day.

Here's the plan for June 3rd - 7th for trivia categories:

  • Monday 6/3:  '90's music
  • Tuesday 6/4:  '90's food finds
  • Wednesday 6/5:  '90's movies
  • Thursday 6/6:  '90's television shows
  • Friday 6/7:  '90's games and activities

Now you should have no issues brushing up on your '90's nostalgia, day by day, in order to take your trivia game to the next level.

Big shout-out to some of our recent trivia winners, just to name a few:

  • Brittany A.
  • Jim H.
  • Lauren T.
  • Frank W.
  • Mike V.
  • Dan S.
  • Kelly L.

Your name could be added to the next list of winners if you know your '90's, weekdays just after 12:30pm.  Just make sure you have your WRRV mobile app ready to go, you'll need it!