The news around the world has been an unquestionable bummer lately, so let's take a break from the real world and enjoy some mindless, stupid fun.

Hydraulic press videos seem to be everywhere on the internet recently; what with the operators trying to fold a piece of paper a 7th time using one, using it to to pop an incredible amount of bubble wrap, and, now, using a hydraulic press to smush the heck out of a hockey puck until it turns into a gooey, Silly Putty-looking disc and then... well, watch and see for yourself.

Like that? I know; it seems like you've seen everything and then BOOM. And now, perhaps my favorite of the series, the time they crushed Barbie which is oddly enjoyable:

Check out the videos below to kill more time at work with completely irrational and dumb uses for hydraulic presses: