If you're like me, you've always wondered how the transformation of a regular ol' arena into a suitable hockey rink took place. Now we know!

As the new season approaches, the Los Angeles Kings shared this video on their YouTube channel to show how much preparation goes into converting the Staples Center into a hockey rink:

Some things about that video that are absolutely crazy to me:

  • The amount of work that's done by hand
  • The amount of people involved
  • The mascot's ability to contribute in some meaningful way while having that costume on
  • That they have to do this repeatedly throughout the season; they share an arena with both the Lakers and Clippers

Now, it's possible they were going through more effort due to the fact that it's the first time this season, so it's more ceremonial than usual. I found this article detailing the whole process, so, y'know, in case you want to pursue the career of ice transformation, I got you.