Fred Durst opined that he's "waiting to truly feel and believe" the message behind new Limp Bizkit material before they release it.

The nu-metal bastions' last studio album was 2011's Gold Cobra, but its promised follow-up, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, never materialized. Eight years on, a "Limp Bizkit resurgence" — in the frontman's own estimation — finds Durst reviewing his outlook on a future effort, as he recently told Billboard.

But that doesn't mean a new album is coming any time soon. Speaking to writer Steve Baltin before performing at KROQ's annual Weenie Roast in Dana Point, California, June 8, Durst laid out his musical motives.

"I consciously made an effort a while back to pull back and not milk it, not tour all year long, not put out tons of records," Durst said. "I feel like a messenger; I'm waiting on the message. I'm waiting to truly feel and believe what I'm saying as shallow or deep as you may perceive it, if it means something to me, I can say it. If it doesn't, there's no reason for me to chalk it up and put it out."

The singer didn't appear to be feeling any pressure. Nodding to other acts in his stead, the musician described a "payoff" the band's now reaping on the road, the end result of the group staying true to their vision.

"I think with Limp Bizkit and our peers, we're the band that kind of hasn't been doing anything, except for waiting on that message," Durst added. "And there's something really beautiful about the reward, the payoff that's happening. We're just kind of gonna be us and stay us because I don't think we know how to do anything else. … Actually, believe it or not I still need to be as creative with Limp Bizkit as possible. I suffer a lot from not milking it."

Bypassing new Limp Bizkit music, Durst has still kept busy in recent years. The band continue to tour and perform, and the singer often makes time to indulge his other creative passion in feature film directing.

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