It's that time of year to get out and hike the Hudson Valley. If it's not because of the cooler weather, the views speak for themselves. There's nothing like seeing sweeping views of the mid-Hudson region covered in foliage.

Unfortunately, one hiker wasn't able to enjoy the views.

Lynn Story Slofkin shared the unfortunate news on the Hudson Valley page on Facebook. Lynn started by saying "Not the pictures I wanted to post after what I thought was going to be a beautiful hike with picture taking." She was hiking Mohonk Preserve with a friend and sadly "got some bad advice" which took them to a more difficult trail. 

Lynn Story Slofkin
Lynn Story Slofkin

While hiking the rough route Lynn broke her ankle and tore several ligaments. To make it down the trail, she was going to need some assistance. Lynn wrote "Thank god for cell service." A handful of local fire companies made the trip to assist Lynn back down the mountain.

We reached out to Slofkin and she told us that Shawangunk, Gardiner and Accord Fire Departments were on the scene along with Mohonk Rangers and New Paltz Rescue ambulance.

Lynn will be undergoing surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery. She also wanted us to pass along her "heartfelt gratitude" to all those who were on the scene and led her to safety.

If you plan on heading out to hike the Hudson Valley trails this winter, when the weather gets a little more difficult, the Department of Environmental Conservation has put together a list of must-haves and tips to make your next Hudson Valley hike a safe one.

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