You might remember that a couple of months ago I wrote an article about a local Sullivan County artist/photographer/musician named Paul Kean. Paul is well known throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond for all three of those talents. Anyway, Paul had seen the “The Woodstock Way” signs on Route 17B, signs that were there to commemorate the iconic 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. The signs were rather boring and unnoticeable. Paul had a better idea.

Paul thought there should be something in the sign that actually captured the spirit of the Woodstock festival. Being an artist, he came up with an idea and was able to show the powers that be his idea. And guess what? It’s actually happening. The New York State Department of Transportation has now approved the changes and Keanartworks will produce the changes in the next few weeks.

The plan is to have the new signs in place before the August anniversary of the Woodstock Festival. That means that all of those people who travel to Sullivan County on Route 17B to celebrate the anniversary will get to see the signs. Signs that otherwise may have gone unnoticed had it not been for the ideas of a local artist.

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The new signs will look just like the picture above. The peace sign, the heart, the musical note, and the colorful yellow lines are all new additions from artist Paul Kean. All of those things embrace what Woodstock was all about. Peace, love, music. Paul, with the help of his community, was able to fulfill his vision, and we all get to enjoy it. Thanks, Paul, your way really is the Woodstock Way!

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