Sadly, this week another local business has announced it will be closing its doors soon.

On the day when one of the biggest comic books of year was released, local comic book fans in the Hudson Valley were hit with devastating news that The Underground Beacon announced that they will be closing soon.

According to a Facebook post from The Underground Beacon, the business had taken quite a toll from the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 only made things worse for a small business that had seemingly been struggling for months. The business announced in February that it would have to close their doors only to be saved by a new business partner. Unfortunately, even with the new addition to the shop it was still unable to escape the consequences brought on by the shut-down caused by the pandemic.

Fans of Magic: The Gathering, comic books and collectibles will miss one of their favorite hangout spots. Right now they have inventory for sale at 50% off.

Many members of the comic book community expressed their sadness on Facebook.

Hopefully, we will see them again soon.