Kerri and Chris Morgan, of Wappingers Falls, will be featured on ABC Nightline Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, and in a follow up feature documentary about their journey with IVF.

After following 3 families for more than a year on their respective journeys, ABC will air their coverage of these IVF stories, and released the article, "How IVF has redefined the modern family" in advance of the video piece.

Kerri Morgan began blogging about her journey through her personal site, and then joined forces with the dKol la femme project, a non-profit organization focused on healing through art. According to Danielle Kolachik, Founder/CEO, they offer a community of support that provides a platform for those who wish to have their stories told with the use of an array of multi-media therapeutic formats. Through Kerri's personal blog and partnership with la femme, the Morgan's share their story in hopes of helping other struggling families understand that they aren't alone.

Regarding her experience, Kerri shared the following:

ABC news came to our home interviewed us, it was emotional, it was difficult to retell our entire story and all the pain, but I was passionate about sharing it, as a healing process and to help other families struggling know they aren’t alone. IVF can have such a stigma to it, but I feel that most people have no idea what these families go through on a daily basis, the shots, the vulnerability, the loss, the tears, the desire for a child that is out of your reach, the constant up and downs of failed or cancelled cycles, it’s a lot of constant disappointment all the while trying to hold on to the hope and faith that a baby is in your future. Anyway, the crew really liked our unique story, as we adopted our embryos, we were not successful in making our own, the dna of our son never mattered to us, we wanted to be parents, to raise a child together. Luckily, an amazing family donated 2 embryos to us and we now have a beautiful son.

Photo Credit: The dKol la femme Project

ABC was able to come to a few Dr appointments, where the cycle was cancelled, and started again, they filmed the actual embryo transfer, followed up when we were pregnant and even came to film our son after his birth. The experience was hard, it was tough to be so vulnerable and share so much of our struggle, but it also helped me feel strong and was a part of my healing process.

First contacted by ABC in January of 2018 after the loss of their first adopted embryo, and preparing for their final IVF attempt, Kerri and Chris willingly decided to share their story publicly, to both aid in the healing process and help bring awareness to this important issue that impacts 1 in 8.  Read more about their experience here, and check back for updates on the release of the full documentary about their incredible journey.

Congratulations, Morgan Family, and welcome to the world, Brian!

Photo Credit: The dKol la femme Project
Photo Credit: The dKol la femme Project