Still thinking about which wine you should serve with your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few local Hudson Valley wines that would pair nicely for either red or white wine drinkers.

Thinking that it has to be a white wine with turkey? Not necessarily. Here is the one rule that you should go by, drink what you like. If you like red wine, drink red wine. If you like white wine, drink white wine. Remember, to this date, there have been zero instances of the Wine Police arresting anyone because there was 'wrong wine' at the dinner table.

Red wines that would pair nicely include:

  • Clinton Vineyards Pinot Noir
  • Whitecliff Vineyards Gamay Noir
  • Cereghino & Smith, Eaten By Bears

White wines that would pair nicely:

  • Whitecliff Vineyards, Awosting White
  • Millbrook Winery Reserve Chardonnay
  • Clinton Vineyards Seyval Blanc
  • Brotherhood Winery, Riesling

Want to start off with a bubbly as your guests arrive? Chill up one of these bottles and serve it as they arrive. You can also serve it with the turkey dinner.

  • Clinton Vineyards Jubilee Méthodé Champenoise
  • Brotherhood Winery, Blanc De Blanc

What do you serve with your Turkey dinner?