Why just pick the apples when you can also launch them out of a massive cannon?

It's fall in the Hudson so you have to know what that means. The flannel shirts are coming out, pumpkin spice is in abundance and hundreds of New Yorkers are going to be flocking upstate to the Hudson Valley region to pick apples.

Did you even spend time in the Hudson Valley during the fall season if you didn't pick apples? I love the fall weather so I love getting outside around this time but I'm not from New York. I love hayrides and of course eating apple cider doughnuts but I'm sorry to say that picking apples isn't my most favorite fall activity nd it's almost sinful around these parts. My wife loves it though so every year I'm dragged to the orchard.

Finally, one local apple orchard here in the Hudson Valley has a new fun activity that I can get behind.

Barton Orchards in Poughquag appears to be the first local orchard to introduce an apple cannon. It appears to be like a potato gun and these massive cannons are set up safely at their own range on the orchard.

Barton Orchards
Barton Orchards

For just $5 you can lob 8 apples out of these extreme cannons down range at some massive bails of hay during events at Barton Orchards. According to the orchard the cannons are in the back in the fun park area.

I know a few hay bails that are going to have a very bad day when I get down to that range.

Barton Orhards
Barton Orchards

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