A local supporter of Donald Trump claims that she and her family are being targeted and made to feel unwelcome in their community due to their political beliefs.

Julie Foppes, 51, of the Town of Rochester (Ulster County, of course, certainly not to be confused with the City of Rochester... despite how easily New York state has made it to confuse them by, you know, giving them the same names), reports that her home and property have been subjected to repeated acts of vandalism, including the defacing of her pro-Trump signs and destruction of her fence. According to Foppes, several American flags, as well as a motion light detector have been removed from her property by the vandals, says the Daily Freeman.

She was able to capture at least one of the individuals in the act and shared the photo in a status on her Facebook page:

And even a video!

My coworker, Mark Bolger, did a report on this story and has an interview with the victim of the vandalization that's worth checking out; it can be found at this link.

But that's not where the story ends. Things get even more interesting now, as a local pastor has been questioned for a potential role in the vandalism.

The Hudson Valley News Network reports that Rev. Darlene Kelley, pastor of the Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church in Kingston, was questioned for a potential role in the vandalism over a message she sent to Mrs. Foppes on Facebook, declaring her disapproval of Foppes' public support of the controversial presidential candidate.

Her expression of disapproval could be the reason she was brought in for questioning by state police. Kelley maintains that, while her decision to message Foppes was "an error in judgment," she had no role in the vandalism, and she was being "questioned for a political opinion" in a "traumatic" experience.