A representative from the Hudson Valley is sharing a petition to start the process of impeachment for Governor Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's effectiveness as a leader during the coronavirus pandemic  has been debated by many New Yorkers since last March. We've heard countless times over the last year that there's no rulebook to handle a state that is facing both an economic and health crisis.

The first COVID cases most of us remember hearing about were in Washington last year. Despite strict travel guidelines, New York soon became the epicenter of the east coast as many people predicted it would.

There are now calls into investigating the nursing home deaths in New York.

Has Cuomo had a tougher battle against COVID than other states? Cuomo believes the state is making great progress.

Governor Cuomo has also been heavily criticized for releasing a book about how he effectively led the state through the crisis back in October. Some believe it was in poor taste and that the governor was profiting off of the pandemic.

Has Governor Cuomo displayed exemplary leadership during this pandemic? Many would argue that he has and continues to do so and others believe that he has failed New York.

If you are part of the many who feel he his failing te state there is now a site where your voice can be heard.

Kieran Lalor, a Republican who represents the 105th District in the New York State Assembly has shared a petition page to impeach Governor Cuomo.

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