Who couldn't use a steady flow of stimulus checks?

Ever since the pandemic many of us have been struggling financially. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just around this time last year a lot of us got our first round of economic impact payments allotted from the over $2 trillion stimulus bill.

Since then there have been two other stimulus checks sent to American families who qualify. For over a year, the word "stimulus" entered our daily vocabulary. It may not be going anywhere soon either. According to Business Insider, over 2 million people recently signed a petition encouraging the U.S. Government to issue $2,000 checks along with reoccurring payments while people continue struggle.

Yes, people are still struggling but as we begin to put the coronavirus in our rearview it's important to do our part in rebuilding the economy and our local community. It's up to us to get back to the normal.

I guess good help is hard to find these days. You wouldn't think so after the year we've had but several businesses in the Hudson Valley are looking to fill vacant positions.

AJ Cafe in Wappingers Falls had to get creative with their employee search. They put the sign up offering free weekly stimulus checks for anyone who wants to work.

"It’s been impossible to find kitchen help like Dishwashers and cooks. Everyone I know in the restaurant world is having the same problem. This extra unemployment is making it impossible to hire people." - John Joy (Owner, AJ Cafe)

If your bank account needs some weekly stimulation feel free to hit them up.

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