The history of tattooing is long, complicated, and fascinating. The story of not only the medium but how every style developed and where it originated is a vibrant and interesting one that continues to unfold.

But undoubtedly, one of the most significant and influential presences in the history of tattooing is Sailor Jerry. Whether you're covered in tattoos, have only a passing knowledge of the culture, or don't have any interest in it at all, you've definitely seen his work. In fact, when most people think "tattoo," one of the first images that pops into their head is probably going to be something Sailor Jerry-inspired, whether they realize it or not.

Well, Adam Lauricella at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls realizes that. And he and his talented team of artists are doing what they can to honor the man's legacy and contributions to the world of tattooing.

Today, to celebrate what would have been Sailor Jerry's 105th birthday, the crew at Graceland will be tattooing his designs all day, 12-8, for a price of $105 (get it?)

Here's Adam talking about not only Sailor Jerry day, but how he and his shop approach tattooing, and what people new to the world of tattoos can expect from their first experience.

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