Every year, just about a month before Spring Training starts, all of the baseball guides start putting out their lists of top prospects for all of MLB. ESPN and the MLB Network have both put out their top 100 lists, and both the Mets and Yankees are well represented.

But more importantly, both of the teams top prospects are well within in the top 10 in all of MLB, and often end up within one or two spots of each other, sometimes even switching positions.

Keith Law, the MLB prospects guru at ESPN, recently released his Top 100 list. His is very often the list most referred to, along with Baseball America. He has the Mets Amed Rosario listed at #3, and the Yankees Gleyber Torres at #4.

The MLB Network recently listed Gleyber as the #3 prospect and Amed as #5. We're still waiting for Baseball America's tops list.

Gleyber Torres is often described as a freak of nature, whose slick fielding skills were good enough to get him to the majors before he started showing off the batting skills in the Arizona Fall League.

Amed Rosario has a world of potential, which he eventually started to tap into in 2016. He's been described as playing a near flawless shortstop, and his bat as 20+ homerun potential, with an incredible quick swing and excellent power.

The funny thing about a ranking like that, especially since both players are shortstops, is that both teams have the potential to have a TERRIFIC player for the long term. The difference between spots 3 and 5 on any of these lists is minuscule. It could be as simple as one player being able to hit homeruns and the other being able to steal bases. They're both REALLY valuable, but one might be valued slightly above the other.

Either way, it's been a long time since NYC had 2 terrific prospects at the same position for both local teams, and it's going to be fun watching them both for the next decade.

As a side note, both the Mets and Yankees rivals (Braves and Red Sox) have prospects in the top 5 as well. There's going to be a lot of fun competition for the future.