New York's tallest mountain is Mount Marcy. Our deepest body of water is Seneca Lake (and what's hiding at the bottom is fascinating). But what's the longest river? Surprisingly, the answer isn't as straightforward as you'd think.

Hudson River Pride

Hudson Valley residents have a certain affinity (and even pride) for the Hudson River. It helped build New York City by transporting literal tons of raw materials downstream to construct everything from buildings to bridges. But is it the longest river in the state? Well...

Tara Saglimbeni/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
The Mid-Hudson Bridge spanning the Hudson River (Tara Saglimbeni/ TSM Hudson Valley)

The Longest River in New York

Yes, it is. Also, it's not (how's that for a straight answer?). For the trivia-obsessed (or semantic-loving) among us, the answer is actually a little more complicated. It all depends on what you mean by the longest river in the state.

Rob Sullivan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Metro-North tracks next to the Hudson River (Rob Sullivan/TSM Hudson Valley)

The Hudson River is 301 Miles Long

The easy answer is that the Hudson River is the longest river entirely located in New York State. It begins in the Adirondack mountains and ends as it meets the Atlantic Ocean in New York Harbor 301 miles later. The longest river starting in New York, however, is a completely different answer.

The St. Lawrence River, which begins in New York, is over twice the length of the Hudson River (Google)
The St. Lawrence River, which begins in New York, is over twice the length of the Hudson River (Google)

The St. Lawrence River is the Longest River that Starts in New York

More than twice the length of the Hudson, the St. Lawrence River is the longest river that at least partially flows in New York. The St. Lawrence originates in Lake Ontario in New York State before winding its way across the border to Canada, ending over 740 miles later in Quebec.

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The Hudson River is also host to some amazing (and creepy) sights. Check out the possibly haunted abandoned state hospital below, and keep scrolling to see an amazing frozen water rescue right on the banks of the Hudson.

Abandoned Hudson River State Hospital

This former psychiatric hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY is a shell of what it once was. Many of the structures have been demolished but these pictures will give you a glimpse into the past.

City of Newburgh Firefighters Save Dog on Frozen Hudson River

Lilly, the dog needed a little help from Truck 1 and the City of Newburgh Fire Department back on February 11th. Thankfully, she was returned to her owners without injury. Round of ap-PAWS for the City of Newburgh Fire Department for their quick response and heroic efforts.