We can help ourselves when there is a missing pet, we all want to jump in and help. So many of us are empathic to the pet owner missing their furry friends. We instantly go to how we would feel if our pet was missing and that is what drives us to help.

It is important when a pet goes missing or we see a pet that appears to be missing that we report it immediately. In a perfect world, the lost pet like a lost child would walk up to us and ask for help. Some actually do in the way of sitting on our back porch or being willing to hop in your car when they are discovered on the side of a Hudson Valley road looking lost.

Dog Missing in Ulster County New York Near Phoenicia

Unfortunately more often than not a lost pet is seen by many but is unwilling to go to a stranger. They are often in a heightened state of anxiety and don't see a stranger as a friend. This is the case unfolding right now in the Town of Shandaken with a dog that has been on the run for what appears to be a few days now.

Phoenicia via Google
Phoenicia via Google

Many well-intended people have tried to approach and assist this shepherd-type dog but they have been unsuccessful. This has resulted in the Town of Shadaken along with the Ulster County SPCA issuing a plea for people to report sightings but please stay away and let the train animal staff trap the dog.

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Both the Town of Shandaken and the Ulster County SPCA posted to Facebook that public help other than reporting sightings could be causing problems for the Ulster County SPCA staff that is tracking and attempting to trap this dog. They are also cautioning people that the dog has become fearful and is now showing signs of aggressive behavior.

The Ulster County SPCA is conducting trapping operations to safely catch this dog at-large in the Phoenicia area. We are working with the Town of Shandaken, NY Dog Control and Police. The public is advised to avoid the area. Feeding and chasing this dog does not help the situation and puts the dog and public at risk. She is very fearful and HAS shown aggressive behaviors. Continued attempts by well-meaning but untrained individuals may push her into other areas, result in a traffic accident or create a situation in which there is a dog bite incident. Via Facebook Ulster County SPCA)

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Both groups are asking that for the public safety and the safety of the dog, people stop trying to catch or lead the dog in with food. They understand people are trying to help but they are working on a process that will hopefully lead to the safe capture and rescue of this now very frightened dog.

Town of Shandaken NY via Facebook
Town of Shandaken NY via Facebook

You can report sightings to the Ulster County SPCA (845) 331-5377 and I suggest that you watch their Facebook page and post comments for updates. I will be doing the same in hopes of reporting that this girl has been trapped and is safe at the shelter recovering from her adventure.

If you recognize her or know the owner - Please email the Town of Shandaken dog enforcement officer nancyhudler@gmail.com or call Shandaken Town Clerk at 845-688-5004.

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