I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a pet, but it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. Even indoor pets can accidentally get out. If your pet somehow got out and somebody found him, would there be a way for that person to know who your pet belongs to? There would be if your pet was microchipped.

If you want to have a little added protection for your pet, there is a low cost microchip clinic coming up on Thursday, Jan. 28, from 8:30AM - 11:30AM at the Ulster County SPCA on Wiedy Road in Kingston. Your pet’s universal microchip provides your contact information as an identification device only and can be scanned at any shelter or animal hospital. And don’t worry, a microchip is not a GPS and cannot be used to track or locate your pet.

Each microchip is $25, and one appointment can accommodate up to two pets, which is $50. If you have more than two pets to microchip, you must schedule additional appointments, with a maximum of two pets per appointment.

Keep in mind, if you adopted your pet from the Ulster County SPCA, your pet was microchipped before you adopted them, and the information regarding the microchip was included in your adoption paperwork.

Do your pet and yourself a favor. A little extra protection is always a good thing. For more information about the Ulster County SPCA’s Microchip Clinic on Jan. 28, check out the event facebook page. To learn more about the UCSPCA or to make a donation, visit their website

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