We've discussed various 'Main Street' locations across the Hudson Valley over the years, different local businesses that make a particular town, or new businesses changing the scope of a village.  Personally, one of my favorite 'Main Streets' in the area is New Paltz. There's nothing better than a stroll down that street with a little something for everyone.  Growing up in Fishkill, the Main Street there has definitely transformed over the past 20 years, and speaking of transformations, how can I not mention Main Street Beacon?

Well, there's one Dutchess County town that is actually adding a Main Street...

Portion of Rt. 82 Hopewell Junction to Become 'Main Street'

After some buzz on social media, a post in one Hopewell Junction based community Facebook page shared the news that the area between Palen Road and Beekman Road (Rt 82) in Hopewell Junction is now 'officially' Main Street.  It was reported that residences and businesses along this route will be notified that they need to begin using Main Street as their postal address over the next six months, as by the end of the year, the Post Office will recognize that as the official name of the street.

The 'We Hope Well' community group on Facebook also indicated that there is a public hearing scheduled for August 18 in Town Hall for design guidelines, where they will be discussing pedestrian traffic, including the addition of sidewalks.

In their post about the switch from 82 to Main Street, and the impact this will have on Hopewell Junction, 'We Hope Well' shared the following:

Not to drive through on the way to somewhere else, but to stop and enjoy what we have to offer. To sit for awhile, grab a bite, have an ice cream, shop for a gift…and more as we continue the enhancements. We will work towards having everything we need right here along and adjacent to Main Street.


Community Reception of the Change

Following along with the comments on the few groups I saw the post shared to, it seems that the reception is leaning positive, with one comment stating 'a name does add meaning and helps maintain a certain charm and in most cases a connection to the past.' Others sharing that they feel it will add value to the town, and add a more cohesive feel, while a number of the comments echoed the desire for sidewalks and a more 'walkable' town.  There were some concerns expressed in the comments, citing worry about crowded streets and businesses with more out-of-towners, and others sharing concern over potential tax increases.

We have reached out to the group to get more information on the upcoming change, and will update the story when details become available.

Do you have a favorite Hudson Valley Main Street?

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